Friday, 1 September 2017

August Top Five

It feels weird writing one of these.  It wasn't that long ago really when my July Top Five was published but I'm 100% blaming the flu for that hahah

But I love writing these posts.  They're like my monthly favourites post expect I'm not calling them that!  I love sharing what I have been loving over the past month and I didn't want to miss out on letting you lovely folk know about everything!

Dua Lipa.  Can't get enough of this gal!  I can't remember when I first heard Be The One but I was hooked with that one tune.  I'd pull out this weird dance move which went with the music and it's just one of those awesome songs where you can't not move around!  I was very late to the party with having a look at her New Rules music video and I wanted to clap when it was over.  It was such a coo concept, simple, not in your face and SHE WALKS ON WATER.  No I am not lying, watch the video and you'll see!  I'm currently listening to an acoustic version of Scared To Be Lonely and I am in awe!  It's a beaut song either version and if you haven't listened to it, you've gotta.  You just have to let your ears hear this!

Frankie Magazine.  I have loved Frankie Magazine for years.  While I don't purchase a great deal of magazines, this one is one of the few that I will always pick up.  The Frankie Magazine isn't a glossy magazine, it's got a nice matte finish to start with - and the designer in me is like YES!  Some would say the magazine is an alternative magazine and "trendy" people buy it to be "different" but I wouldn't say I'm trendy and I buy it because I like the content, I also appreciate the design of the magazine.  Design person, always thinking about the design of everything!  You can expect everything from design, art, photography to fashion, travel, music, craft, home and life and so much more in the pages of this magazine.  They bring out calendars and diary's and they are the cutest things and I loved mine when I had it a few years ago!  And in each issue of the magazine, you get a poster and they are so sweet! Their September/October had one specific thing in it which made me tear up.  It's a poem from a 98 year old called Bill, and I think everyone needs to hear this:

Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner
and someone saw my grin.
When he smiled I realised
I'd passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile,
then realised it's worth.
A single smile, just like mine
could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile begin,
don't leave it undetected.
Let's start an epidemic quick,
and get the world infected!

If there was anything to be infected by, I think a smile is the best thing.  💚

Black jeans.  I haven't owned a pair of black jeans since I was in high school.  College maybe.  And that was many many (many) years ago.  I think it's pretty right to say that a staple piece of clothing in pretty much everyone's wardrobe would be a pair of black jeans.  Well I can now say that I have a pair of black jeans which have comfortably made themselves in my wardrobe.  I'm the type of person who wears the heck out of items of clothing.  So I was wearing constantly two pairs of jeans.  But I got desperately wanted a pair of full length black jeans and after an interesting shopping experience, I've got an awesome pair and I love them!

Percussion.  I play the clarinet.  I've played the clarinet for a huge portion of my life.  Fun fact though, when I was picking which instrument I wanted to play back in primary school, I wanted to play percussion.  Might have been because you got a bag to put all your sticks in but it was what I initially wanted to play.  For a few reasons, I'm not required to play clarinet at some competitions which are fast approaching but I am so incredibly excited because I'm playing in the percussion section!!!  Genuinely it is such an awesome change to clarinet and I'm having to much fun!  One piece I'm playing bells (and they stick out so much), another piece I'm covering tambourine, scraping a cymbal with coin and also playing the highly technical triangle, and probably what I'm most excited about is the other piece I'm playing timpani.  Goals.  Life wish ticked off.  I've got a solo on timp and also at the end of the piece I get to make a lot of noise and damn I am so happy!  I still love clarinet, but I am so happy I get to play in the percussion section!

Being creative.  I am a creative person.  I set up this blog as an outlet for me to express feelings but also my creativity.  When I was at university I was studying a degree within the creative industry and now I'm back studying design right back in the creative industry.  I think I now know where I want my future to be and that's in the creative industry.  I love design and I love being creative.  Yes I was sick a lot in August but I was right in the swing of being creative with me being a design student again.  I adore coming up with ideas, working through them and seeing sketches becoming a reality.  We had an assessment where we had to create a design solution for a coffee shop.  We needed to produce a logo and shop front and I had so much fun!  I was so proud of the end product and kind of wish it could be a real coffee shop because I would get warm beverages from there!  Being creative is a happy place for me and I can't get enough of it!

It feels so great being back on my blog and typing away.  I hope I'll be able to keep it up and not had a hugely quiet period!

What have you been loving in July?  Let me know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Goodbye To Winter

Dear Winter.

Spring is coming.  Days are going to start getting longer.  Temperature will rise.  Sun will shine more (hopefully, fingers crossed).  Flowers will bloom.  Cute as a button lambs will frollick around fields.  And I'll be sitting here wishing it snowed at my house!

Yes I could have gone up to the snow but I didn't.  Bit annoyed at that but in peak snow time, ya girl was not in any shape to go to the snow hahah

If I had a dollar for every time I said I loved the colder months I could add a new scarf to my collection.  I can't get enough of the colder months.  The food, the fashion, the weather, the pure cosiness.  Winter pjs are bliss.  I updated my winter pjs with some from Peter Alexander and my goodness they are so cosy and also so incredibly comfortable.  When I was sick I lived in these and I feel we got along really well.

One thing winter, which you have really aced is your daily golden hours.  One of my favourite times of the day is golden hour and during winter you have produced the goods.  I have sat on the edge of my bed looking out the window and watching the afternoon go by at golden hour.  Yes there was the eclipse that just happened but have you seen golden hour?  It's different every year and you won't hurt your eyes experiencing it!

Winter, you have brought some flipping fantastic new additions to my wardrobe.  Additions that I will be wearing the heck out of for years to come.  Black jeans, long woolen cardigans, woolen jumpers (many of these), a denim jacket (finally got one of these and I felt SO GREAT when I wore it last week!), and cracking out boots.  I think this winter I found my style a bit more.  I don't know if anyone would want to hear about what I've been wearing but let me know!

I won't miss you of a Thursday morning because for whatever reason you were more freezing on this morning and I would always forget my gloves and I'd be holding my clarinet and laptop so couldn't use pockets and it was COLD!  Why did you have to be cold on the morning I had to catch the bus winter?  That wasn't cool!

Until next year winter.

And to my lovely readers,

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Winter Tag

I am one of those people who prefer the colder months to the warmer months.  Yes summer is great but I struggle to cool myself down and when I can't it's not a fun time!  Winter however!  Throw all your winter cosy clothes and food and drink at me and I'll be a happy camper!

I found questions for the winter tag somewhere on the internet and I wish I could remember where!  And seeing as I'm about to go into spring and you lucky people on the other side of the world are about to get into the chilly seasons I thought why not have a good old tag post on winter!!

Top 2 winter beauty essentials?  A good moisturiser and lip balm!

Top 2 winter fashion essentials?  All of the woolies and my trusty puffy jacket!

What shoes do you tend to wear the most in winter?  I wear a mixture of boots and converse but while I've been back studying design I have worn boots everyday to that so I will say boots!  Although slippers would count as shoes yeah?  Because when I'm at home, it's slippers all the way!!

Favourite winter accessory?  I have a great love for scarves and have a drawer entirely dedicated to them so a nice cosy scarf!  Also a long woolen cardigan!  This has been a new addition to my wardrobe and golly gosh it is so cosy and I'll be able to wear it through to spring with a tee underneath and I am so glad of this purchase!! 

Favourite winter nail polish?  I’m that person who wears summery nail polishes in winter and wintery nail polishes in summer and I just don’t go with what the season is!  However, I do have a gorgeous suede matte finish nail polish in Ruby Ribbon and I adore this!  Also gets a lot of compliments when I wear it!

Hot cocoa or apple cider?  When I was looking through these questions, I soon realised they were tailored for the other side of the world (there were Christmas questions at the end!) and when I saw hot cocoa I’m like oooooh hot chocolate!  I don’t really drink hot chocolate of coffee drinks anymore and stick to a good old cup of tea!  And I love apple cider but it has got to be cold!!

Favourite winter candle?  I have many candles but I don’t burn them, sounds weird but yeah.  I did a while back buy a honey candle which smells of coconut and lime and sure it sounds like a summer scent and yeah could say it is, but it reminds me of a chocolate treat I used to eat so I love it!

Snowboarding or skiing?  Neither…..  I would love to have a go at both of them though!!

Have you ever gone ice skating?  Are you any good of did you fail miserably?  I have gone ice skating before and didn’t actually do too bad at it!  I did avoid falling over by grabbing/hugging a poor tourist but no one was hurt hahahah

Does it snow where you live?  It was snowing one morning, at my home but it just happened to be on the day when I was at university.  And then ever more annoyingly it was snowing in town but on the other side of town to where I was!  I was so annoyed!  Mountains near where I live do get snow and it’s nice to see the snowcapped tops but I have yet to experience snow in my later years!  I did go up to the snow when I was younger with my dad and brother and somewhere we have the cutest photos of it!

Have you ever made a snowman?  I have made some but they’re not really on the scale that you’d find on the other side of the world sadly.  Also doesn’t help when there isn’t that much snow to go around and there are animal dropping scattered so you get a nice two toned snowman if you know what I mean…

Winter is almost over and that does make me sad but then again hopefully that means a good see ya later the the flu season and I am oh so glad to see the back of that!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Saturday, 26 August 2017

In Sickness And Health

If there is one thing that without a fail gets in the way of everything, it's being sick.

I hate getting sick.  Absolutely hate it.  And I hate it even more when it interrupts my life and makes me miss out on things.  So my little blog, studying design, music.  Hello grumpy Emma.

You probably would have seen that it's been very quiet here on emmadaisy.  It's hilarious (not hilarious) as I'd written how I had a few days away and was ready to jump back into this blog and now it's been a few weeks since I've published a post on here.

And for that I without a doubt 100% with all the fibre in me blame the flu.  Yep the flu.  The flippin flu.

In Australia, we've been hit with the worst flu outbreak on record.  And ya girl was one of the lucky people who got it.  My entire family got it as well, wasn't a fun time.  What I hate about the flu is when you lose all your energy.  I spent I don't know how many days in bed and only getting up a few times to do human things and that would completely drain me.  And then I'd be feeling fine so I'd go and sit in the sitting room and then I'd be stuck there because walking took it right out of me!

And as a nose breather, not being able to breathe through my nose when the blocked nose finally hit.  Oh my goodness.  Did you see the photo I posted on Instragram!?  Ah never taking breathing freely through my nose granted ever again!!  I was falling asleep one night and was breathing through my mouth but must have been half off to sleep because next minute I was freaking out because I couldn't breathe and clearly forgot that I couldn't use my nose and had a spot of coughing because to get me to remember that I had to use my mouth to get air in. 

When I had the flu, I said to my dad that I'd rather be throw up sick than flu sick.  Well word of advise for you all - DO NOT SAY THIS.  Because guess who got to spend a good portion of the day with a bathroom appliance.  Ah it's been fun.

So I've been sick.  I missed out on nearly 2 weeks of tafe and far out this annoyed me so much.  Not being able to work was so annoying as I was worried I'd fall behind and I'd lose my drive to keep pace.  When I was able to go back I don't think I needed to worry because I was able to finish 2 assessments in 2 days and I'm more than back on track now!  I finished 4 assessments in 1 day last week!!!  Yay for me!

The schedule I had for emmadaisy has completely gone out the window.  Like flew straight out the window and I have a months worth on blog post drafts and ideas just sitting there so I'm going to sit down and have a re-sort and typing, photo taking, editing, scheduling day so we can get back on track!  I have been thinking about switching up my schedule for emmadaisy but I'm not sure quite yet.  I'll see how things go! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Start Of Something New - July Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup

Ah the start of something new.

It's such a fantastic feeling.  A mixture of nerves and excitement and thinking whether you've done the right thing or not!  New adventure, same old me.  I'm keen!!

July has been both a quiet month but also a big one for me.  I am now a student of design and next year hopefully I'll be a graphic design students and I am loving how everything is going.  I've just finished my second week back and I am LOVING it!  I'm studying at Tafe and it's so different to university.  It has been fun to adapt to a different learning style and situation but I'm still going to be using everything I learnt from university and taking that through to Tafe so I keep on track of everything.

I've met a heap of new people and we've all got our spots and computers in the classroom that we all like to use which is  bit funny.  I've chosen a computer that is second from the end and I like that because I'm not on the end and only have one person to bounce ideas off.  I sit between two guys and the ideas just bounce around and it's so productive!  But we also then just shut off and get on with everything so it's great!  My spot faces a wall but I also am facing a wall but just to the left there are huge windows so it's nice to be able to see the outside which I didn't get to have with my desk at uni!

But long story short I am loving studying design and for once in a very long time, I feel content with how my life is going.  So I'm happy!

Music has been interesting.  And I use the word in interesting in a not so happy way.  We were meant to be competing in an A-Grade section at these music championships but we're not anymore because not enough people were fronting up to rehearsals.  While I completely get that people have lives outside of music, everyone made a commitment to music and when people just don't take it seriously that annoys me.  It's like a group assignment on a huuuuuge scale and we clearly got the people who didn't want to do anything.

So that was annoying.  But also a relief.  Because if we had gone ahead and competed it would have actually been a train crash on stage and no one wants that.  So it's kind of a good thing but also an annoying thing.  Especially when you have people who spent hours and hours and hours learning how to play the test piece and it's all kind of for nothing?  Sure I know how the play it but the end goal was to play it in a competition setting and now we're not doing it.  Many sad faces.

BUT WE HAVE TO INCLUDE A POSITIVE ABOUT MUSIC!  I am now a percussion player in a little band who is playing in an ungraded section!  The kids in this group have only been playing for a few years and gosh they are so adorable.  They toot their little hearts out and it doesn't matter that they're out of tune, they are just enjoying it so much!  I get to play the timpani (living out a life goal here!), the bells, tambourine, scraping a cymbal with a coin and also the highly technical triangle.  I have a triangle solo and also a timpani solo and damn I am keen!

It was in June's Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup that I mentioned when you hit milestones and then it goes straight back down and you've no longer hit that milestone.  Well.  Ya girl hit 500 followers on Instagram and it just went up from there!  I'm not about numbers because I genuinely don't think I have the brain and mindset to do all of that social media numbers business but woooo !

Also because I will do a little shameless self promo in my blog...  If you're not following me already on Instagram you totally should!  And let me know as well! ;)  < @emmadaisy___ >

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~ Nice smelling things and nice reads ~ Sunday Marvel fun ~ Blissful rainy days ~
~ Chilly Friday views ~ Back to the old stomping grounds ~ Earthy Eats providing the goods ~

Ah my precious little blog!  I've done an alright job of keeping to my schedule, slipped up a couple of times but still I'm pretty chuffed.  Now that I'm studying again, I'm going to have to really really knuckle down with scheduling or reduce my weekly blog posts from two to three.  I don't know what I'll do at the moment but you'll be able to see what's happening on my blog so see how everything is going!

I hope you lovely folk all had a lovely July and am ready for August.  I'm trying to not get sick so wish me luck!  Damn horrible flues!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x