Sunday, 24 August 2014

ASOS Window Shopping


How are we all doing?!  While I'm having a weekend of relaxation (I am meant to be tidying my room and going on the exercise bike but lets just ignore that for a moment.......) I thought I would do a little bit of window shopping.  At home. On the couch.  In front of the fire.  In the most daggiest, however very comfortable clothes.

But I am doing some ASOS window shopping.  Just going to be honest, I've never purchased anything over the internet before.  I'd personally rather be able to try it on in and have a feel for the material and also support the shop.  However, I do like to have a peek at the online stores and see what they're got.  And I do wish they had a physical store which I could pop into!!  ASOS why you gotta have such cool stuff?!?!??!

Anyway to crack on with what I caught my eye...


These I know are not to everyone's taste but I remember having these as a kid and LOVED them!  I had a bright pink glittery pair and remember going into the cinema wearing them and when we left they'd died :( strap had broken and I was actually devastated! 


To date, I don't think I've ever come across a person who doesn't like one of these!  The Cambridge Satchel Company to me is just AMAZING and the day that I purchase one of these beauties will be a day to remember!  I remember for my birthday this year, the bag I was using broke and was considering asking for one of these satchels but ended up not.. I think maybe a graduation present to myself whenever I graduate!!

And another bag... I love bags... And I see no problem with that!  Haha I'm the type of person who puts waaaaaay too much stuff in their bag.  Just ask Alannah, she reckons I keep bricks in them haha!  This looks like a great size, looks amazing and I wish it was mine!!

I am a lover of anything floral so when I saw this I fell in love.  I also saw a playsuit with the same print.  Double fell in love.  This was a bad idea looking on ASOS...

As a student of interior design anything with an architectural theme or print I am automatically attracted to!  Knowing me I'd wear this at home just with some tights on a lazy day but I love it!  It's simple and different!

Lastly something which has two of my loves:  florals and collars!  This summer which just went (so way back in December to Febuary) 90% of the tops I was wearing had a collar!  I just think anything with a collar looks cute and this blouse looks gorgeous!  I'd wear a black singlet top underneath but it's stunning!  I have maybe a similar type item from Sportsgirl which I am still wearing to this day even though it is a few years old!

So I very much regret doing this.  Fingers crossed I can find similar items to these near where I live or maybe I'll have to just take the plunge and do some internet shopping!

Hope you liked this post, something a little different but was fun!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :) 


  1. Love the jelly shoes and satchel, gorg!

    1. I would LOVE these in my life haha!! :)

  2. I'm not online shopper that much either, like to try and touch (is this weird?) the material, before buying it. I hope you had buy those shoes, and than went on exercise bike ha! :)

    Baloon's Life

    1. No completely normal! I'd hate to buy something online and then get it and find out the material feels horrible!! Or the item looks terrible on me hahaha found some jelly shoes! Didn't buy them as they didn't have my size (gah hate being tall!) and did go on the exercise for a bit! Trying to get fit for summer haha :)

  3. Yes! I am 100% sure you carry bricks around in your dam bags! I seriously don't know how you haven't popped your shoulder out! ; ) super strength! X

  4. I like the last shirt with Peter Pan collar. Great choice of things. Great post and keep up the good work.



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