Monday, 18 August 2014

Quick Snippet ft. Teen Choice Awards!!

Hey there!

This is just going to be a super quick post to ultimately say I am still here!  University is hectic at the moment; I have two assignments due this week so all of my focus has been there.  I'm honesty so proud of one of the assignments I finished today!!  Have a verbal presentation tomorrow on it and although that scares me a lot, I'm so chuffed with how everything turned out!  Interior design is such a hard and annoying area of study to go into because there is no right answer... SO STRESSFUL!  But I do love it, sometimes.....

Also while completing that assignment, Alannah and I had the tv playing in the background and on the weekend the Teen Choice Awards 2014 was broadcasted in Australia.  I think I found it more interesting than Alannah hahahaha but I do quite like award shows!

As a girl who spends a great portion of her time on the internet, I loved seeing people from the wonderful world of the internet getting up on stage and collecting awards!  I've heard that not everyone was happy with who won certain categories, but seriously?  Be happy that #TeamInternet is making their mark at these awards!!!!!  And I know it's cheesy but you're already a winner for being nominated, and at the end of the day and award is just an award.  You don't need awards to do amazing things!!

BUT!  I have to go and prepare my self for my presentation tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!!

Until next time, (and hopefully within the next few days), keep smiling!! :) :) :)

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