Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Blogmas Day 2: Bowling and Sleeping

Hey there!

I need my sleep.  I stayed up talking with Alannah til about 1am this morning and didn't fall asleep til around 2am...  Less than 5 hours of sleep later and you have a very confused, grumpy, clumsy and sleepy Emma to deal with!  While I'm at uni and running on little hours of sleep I never notice really how tired I am but now I'm on holidays, with essentially no structure to my days and no deadlines to meet I am definitely more aware of how tired I am! 

We had to walk across town to collect a few things before going to uni and I just wanted to lie down and sleep.  It was a good little workout though.  Walking to me doesn't really seem like exercise and we kept up a good pace because I thought we were running late... Turns out we were ahead of time so stopped off at a cafe right next to our uni to get a warm drink :)

I have only been getting food and drink from the Blue Cafe Bar for about a year now and really love the atmosphere and also interior of the place.  Also good company makes everything better too!!

For the next few hours I was at uni helping the interior girls who are graduating.  Moved a bunch of tables and chairs, pinned up panels of work, tried to figure out why the free wifi wouldn't work on my phone (hello wrong password), chilled in/on a beanbag, hobbled around with blisters from wearing thongs (flip flops/sandals), tried to not fall asleep in front of everyone, span around on the computer chair in the lab and also rode in the elevator at uni for the first time..  Alannah and myself were taking down a drawing from the 3rd floor and no hope was I going to be able to walk down a flight of stairs, hello accident waiting to happen!  Did I also mention that I was trying to not fall asleep for this entire time?

Snazzy little panorama of the ground floor studio of my uni :)

We also went bowling in the evening!  I hadn't been bowling since my 17th birthday so my technique was rusty.  Also didn't want to show everyone else up, that's why I didn't win.  Yep I'll go with that haha !!  We also dabbled in some of the arcade games.  Alannah and I played a very intense game of air hockey.  7-4 Alannah won.  We're still best friends don't worry.  Was the funniest and dangerous game!  Friendship could have been broken and also the little puck went flying a few times.  Like I said intense.

Lack of sleep is also why this post is essentially day late, had a verrrrrrrry early night last night!  Next post will be up soon, hope you like chocolate!

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Busy day for you! jealous that you are on break already, i've still got a test, an essay and 3 exams before i can relax! then i have another essay to do over the holidays! no rest for the wicker haha!

    1. I've been on holidays for about a month now, gets boring tho haha want to swap? I strangely love writing essays hahaha also you've got a beautiful blog and hair! My goodness looks gorgeous!!! Em xx

  2. nearly took off my finger!!!

    1. Yeah but who needs fingers hahahaha I'll win you that egg thing! Smash out getting the tickets with that alligator game! xx


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